IOM, Government of Burundi Launch Disaster Risk Information Platform

Bujumbura – Access to concise, clear, and reliable information is crucial in the effective management of disaster risks.  

In Burundi – a country  prone to natural disasters which, not only force thousands of people to flee their homes but, also destroy investments- the International Organization for Migration (IOM), has collaborated with the National Platform for Risk Prevention and Disaster Management to launch a Disaster Risk Information Platform – an innovative tool designed to support disaster risk related policy formulation, help save lives and safeguard investments, while decreasing internal displacement. 

Each year, a significant portion of Burundi’s 12 million population face disaster related risks such as floods and landslides- a sign that the worsening impacts of climate related disasters is real in the country. It is estimated that weather related disasters contribute to more than 90 percent of the country’s internal displacement. 

The platform is accessible to government officials, humanitarian and development actors, civil society, the private sector, and the local communities.  The users will gain understanding of the risks in each of the 119 communes of all 18 provinces of Burundi, associated to five recurring types of natural hazards: floods, heavy rains, strong winds, landslides, and earthquakes.
The data presented on the platform is intended for use by the government and other stakeholders, at national and subnational levels, to support planning, decision-making and prioritization of investments.

The platform is dynamic and interactive allowing local experts, administrators, and partners to merge different geospatial layers for generating individual maps according to their needs. 

Thanks to this innovative tool, disaster risks mitigation and adaptation activities in Burundi will improve and safeguard lives and livelihoods from disasters. 

The platform was developed by IOM over a period of three years with the  technical support of a consortium of six organizations namely; IDOM, RAMBOLL, European Network for Central Africa, METEOSIM, GIIS-UPM, and the Association for the Protection of Natural Resources for the Welfare of Population in Burundi.

The Disaster Risk Information Platform is part of the 'Strengthen Resilience to Natural Disasters Risks in Burundi' funded by the European Union and implemented by IOM. 

For more information, contact Emmanuel Noel, Disaster Risk Reduction Programme Manager at IOM Burundi,  

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