Regional Migrant Response Plan
The Regional Migrant Response Plan (MRP) for the Horn of Africa and Yemen 2021 – 2024 is a migrant-focused humanitarian and development response strategy for vulnerable migrants from the Horn of Africa, specifically Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia, moving to and from Yemen It provides an essential strategic framework to ensure a whole-of-society, whole of-route and whole-of-government approach to addressing migrants’ protection needs, risks and vulnerabilities. The overall objectives and the goal of the Framework is to establish a more efficient response to address humanitarian and protection needs, risks and vulnerabilities of migrants and contribute to community stabilization, resilience promote comprehensive, quality, timely and inclusive humanitarian, protection, and migration responses throughout the Eastern Route ensuring a dynamic, comprehensive, and effective framework for coordination, capacity enhancement, analysis and resource mobilization that recognizes, responds to and addresses the regional dimensions of the migration linking the Horn of Africa and Yemen.


 Strategic Objectives

  1. Provide life-saving assistance to vulnerable migrants and host communities
  2. Provide quality, timely and inclusive protection assistance and services to migrants and host communities
  3. Strengthen access to return, sustainable reintegration, and community stabilization.
  4. Building evidence, partnerships and coordination to enhance the humanitarian response and migration management throughout the migration route.

The Framework responds to the following population groups:

Departing Migrants: Migrants that are departing their home countries. This includes primarily Ethiopian and Somali migrants that have begun or are due to begin their journey but are still within their country of origin.

Returnee Migrants: Individuals that have returned to their countries of origin, either spontaneously, voluntarily or involuntarily. For this plan, this does not include refugee returnees from Yemen to Somalia.

Migrants at Destination: For this plan, this means migrants who have decided to settle in a transit country along the migration route (Djibouti, Somalia, or Yemen). The MRP does not include the response in destination countries such as the Gulf States.

Transiting Migrants: Migrants that have begun their journey and left their countries of origin and are in transit in another country prior to reaching their intended country of destination. Under this Plan, transiting migrants are in-need and targeted in Djibouti, Somalia and Yemen.

Host Community: Communities which are impacted by the migratory flow along the Eastern Route in Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia. The host community members in Yemen are covered under a Humanitarian Response Plan and are not under this Migrant Response Plan.