'A Region on the Move' report series has been the flagship publication of the IOM Regional Office for the East and Horn of Africa (EHoA) since 2017. The mid-year and yearly editions provide an in-depth overview of the main population movement trends in the EHoA, as the region continues to exhibit high mobility patterns, both internally (within countries) and across national borders. Migration in the region is triggered by a combination of persistent insecurity and conflict, harsh climatic conditions, public heath emergencies, socioeconomic drivers, and more traditional seasonal and livelihood factors. As such, population trends in the EHoA are mixed, multidirectional, and intra- and extra- regional, thus requiring multilayered tools to investigate them.

Alongside a chronological outline of some of the main socio-political events that took place across the EHoA region, these reports emphasize the dimensions of Forced Displacement and Regional Mixed Migration Trends, in addition to featuring some of the public health emergencies affecting the region, such as the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo and the global coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Overall, the analysis builds on multiple data sources, most directly managed and collected by IOM, with external sources used to further complement our understanding of mobility and provide a holistic understanding of such population movement dynamics.